03 September 2007

Les flatmates

Let me introduce you to my flatmates:

The sexy one

Roberto, italiano, 22 years old, chef in Italian restaurant

in Covent Garden
He likes: strong black coffee, tatoos, the gym, running

The shy one

Colin, British, 30 years old, police analyst,
He likes: cycling, making toasts, give his blood and faint

The intellectual one

Joachim, German, 37 years old, PHD student and German teacher
He likes: smoking my cigarettes, reading his book at 1:00 am in the kitchen

The smiling one

Nadine, German, 27 years old, hotel receptionist
She likes: cooking potatoes, having a bath, listening to loud music

We managed to take this pic when almost everybody
was in the house at the same time
like in FRIENDS

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