21 September 2007

Tate Modern

Vue du bar tout en haut

Saint Paul's cathedral
Millenium bridge
Tate Modern

Force grise / Force bleue
Yihaaaa !
Mon chocolat viennois aux marshmalows
My favourite works of Art this day:

Quarta-Feira de Cinzas is a short video
depicting ants on a forest floor carrying sugar-soaked
pieces of bright confetti in and around their colony.
The work was made in collaboration with
Brazilian filmmaker Cao Guimarães
and is accompanied by an experimental soundtrack
by the Brazilian music group O Grivo.
Together the sound and visual components
form a lyrical metaphor for the interaction
between manmade and natural processes and behaviors.
Collaboration, chance, and the unpredictable
results of natural organic processes form the core of
Neuenschwander’s “ethereal materialism,”
a phrase she uses to describe the generation of
poetic experiences from ordinary events and materials in beautiful,
subtle, and often ephemeral ways.


Quattro stagioni by Twombly
Mon préféré: Autumn
(tableaux à voir en vrai car ils sont immenses!)

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