08 November 2007


Love is …
a joke.

In this book I bought at Oxfam, for like 49 pences or something, there is this single 33 year old girl who makes a complete change in her life: she moves city, she changes career, she buys a new house and so on. We don’t really know the reason behind all that, but we guess it might have something to do with a guy, ah ah! Oh incredible, what could it be? Of course it’s got to be a broken heart.

Whatever, we understand the poor girl is single. So, what does she do with her own life, you might ask? Well she goes out on her own (and eventually hopes to meet blokes, encouraged by her mates in couple land).

What I find funny is, on the first time she decides to go out on her own (to listen to poetry on a open mic night), not only does she find someone attractive, but the guy talks to her hey hey !!!

I would like to rectify here, that actually its gonna take much more than one single night to meet someone attractive, single, available and nice, who moreover finds you attractive as well, but who even dares to talk to you! (which I have to admit rarely happens in England).

So, to make it short, the girl meets someone on the first night she goes out as single. Amazing!
(please give me a tip here).

But, and its not over yet, when a man arrives to sort out her garden, this happens to be the same person she met in the bar! What a coincidence!, i.e: hardly probable.

So they get to know each other, and we learn that in fact the girl’s previous boyfriend was indeed killed in a work accident (we need a bit of drama here to spice things up).
So the gardener falls in love with her, they get together, they are happy, he meets her parents, she meets his sister, she kind of moves in with him and he proposes.
All this in 2 chapters.
So I wonder whats gonna happen next then if its so predictable and boring?

The answer is: a bit more drama. They have a big argument because she does not show her emotions. They split up. Lets have more drama hey, a car accident for example, and a row with her mother.

But we all know she is finally going to realize that he is THE ONE, and they’re gonna get back together, get married, have a baby and live happily ever after.

So why bother finish the book? It's obviously again one of these happy ending! (minus Sophie Kinsella’s sense of humour).

I promise I’ll let you know ! just in case the gardener never comes back and she commits suicide…

Hum... better be off to Oxfam I guess !
With love.
Elsa Swietlik

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