27 March 2008

Ciel mon hype tea !

When my mum will be in London on the 5th of April, am gonna treat ourselves to an afternoon tea in a luxury place, comme je sais qu'elle raffole des scones et des pâtisseries :)
C'est simple, chaque fois qu'elle s'invite chez nous une quinzaine de jours, rien que ça, je pense toujours à une nouvelle idée de sortie: un concert, un restau, une expo... Cette fois-ci on va se la jouer bien British et on ira au Haymarket Hotel.

En page 242 du Elle, hebdomadaire du 24 mars

The Afternoon Tea Tradition

Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, is reputed to have originated the idea of afternoon tea in the early 1800s. She conceived the idea of having tea in the afternoon to ward off the hunger pangs between lunch and dinner.
The Duchess started having a tray of tea with bread and butter served to her in the mid-afternoon.
It became a regular occurrence and she began to invite other high society ladies to join her. Along with tea, there would be small pastries with clotted cream or preserves, delicate sandwiches and scones. These habits soon became a good reason for social gatherings, and started a trend that is still very much a part of British life.

£16.50 per personSelection of sandwiches:
Egg mayonnaise and cress
Cream cheese and chive
Smoked salmon and cucumber
Ham and Dijon mustard

Selection of miniature cakes

Freshly baked scones, clotted cream and jam

Tea or coffee

Bonnes adresses:





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