01 September 2008

Colin & Tarel's wedding

On Saturday, I went to Colin & Tarel's wedding in Lancaster, my ex flatmates who jump on air matresses and break lamp bulbs.

They live on a barge, after they decided buying a house in London was too expensive, unless Colin 's mid-life crisis was also part of the decision...

Anyway, after a short 5 hour journey on a rather not "high speed / TGV/Shinkansen bullet train", where we were attacked by a bunch of ASBO family members talking live for the whole carriage, we finally arrived with Sophie, who was wearing her patent Pied à terre shoes, whereas I was in comfy brazilian save the planet trainers.

Well, we drove with Laura to our B&B above the Pub for the dinner party, where I immediatly chose the upper bunk bed, and we changed into our glamourous girly outfits: black dress, white dress and flowery dress.

We met the "soon to be wed" Colin & Tarel at their boat, named Adelphi, in Glasson docks, we did the usual horn thingy, slaloming in the winding narrow countryside roads to reach the church on time, where we attended the ceremony.
After that, several hands were throwing a rain of confettis, and the girls fastened empty cans to the back of the car, I think it was to make noise, but am not too sure, since I am not too familiar with these weird British traditions (like their "Full English breakfast")...
Then, we got to the pub for a lovely dinner
and a grand marnier cake topped by an Indian couple (?!)
...For a minute I wondered if Colin did not turn into an ayurvedic gourou,
unless he was a fortune teller... Then, we drank wine in the back garden

Dont worry, we did not stick to white...
but maybe, we should have ...
Because then, Sophie lent her hair for a personal hairdo saloon,

...and later went into a bongos session...
Before diving head first into a taxi and lying on the floor (to escape the driver noticing we were 5 , but he could take only 4 of us), hence Laura was not too happy, so she jumped into bed with her dress on, while Sophie kept her make up on.
For my part, I woke everyone up in the middle of the night shouting "aie aie aie" in misery because I had a leg cramp and found my calf had turned into a big cobble stone. The next day, I found out I was not the only one after all !
Colin pulled funny faces with his sister in law, while I was trying to beat a kid on the football table.
But then it was almost 20:48, so Colin & Tarel were tired (while we were dancing on the juke box tunes chosen by Molly).
In the morning (around midday actually), when we met on the boat for a second breakfast, Colin tried to scare me with his frying pan...
So we went shopping downtown in the mall and Sophie was quite satisfied with her "little" purchases, despite she spent over a hundred pounds...
At 16:08, we took our train,
and I tried to sleep,
Despite an automatic door which opened and closed about a hundred times within half an hour,
even though we were sitting in first class, at no extra cost (since we had to wait 1.30 hours for our correspondence to arrive).
I got home at midnight and found my Oxfam magnets and stuck them on the fridge, and frankly it looks so cool I wont send them to Lancaster with the goats!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
To end this post, lets talk fashion
and check these nice black and white shoots
of my outfit!

Congratulations to Colin & Tarel!

Ps1: Colin dont forget to update your facebook page, you're no longer engaged !

Ps2: catch up on the 4th of October for more crazy adventure !

Love from Elzaz Blog

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