16 April 2009

Swishing party

Do you love fashion but
hate trawling the shops forever
buying new things?
Is your wardrobe
bulging with clothes
you haven’t worn in years?
Would you like to reduce waste and recycle
in the most glam way possible?

Inspirée par mon nouveau livre Green is the new black, le dimanche 10 mai, pendant que JR passera un boys only week end à faire de la ranconnée en montagne et boire des pintes au pub, moi j'organise une swishing party avec mes copines !
Mais qu'est-ce donc que c'est une swishing party ?
Voici mon mail:
Dear girl friends,
Reading "Green is the new black" a book about Eco fashion that I strongly recommend, I have decided to organise a swishing party: the concept is to swap the clothes that we dont wear or like anymore: ecological and a good opportunity to clear up our overflowing wardrobes for Spring !
Please bring your unwanted clothes and accessories, I will bake cup cakes, we'll have a cup of tea, and I'll set a full length miror in the lounge, and some music from the ipod player
FYI I am size 8/10 and shoes size 4/5
I look forward to your reply
Lovely bargains on the way !!!!
NB: all the remaining unwanted clothes will be donated to Oxfam charity shop down the road
Pour en savoir plus sur les swishing parties, un concept qui prend de l'ampleur dans le monde des green Fashionistas, voir les liens suivants:
Swishing Parties are the height of ethical fashion combined with the chance to have fun with your friends.
Swishing is a great way of recycling your unwanted clothes and, at the same time, the chance of bagging yourself a real bargain.
One woman's cast offs are another girl's steal.
Step 1 Decide whose home to hold your Swish in - you need enough space to show off the clothes and get enough people taking part.
Step 2 Set a date and send out invites. Let everyone know well in advance so that they have time to sort through their wardrobes.
Step 3 Sort out your own Swish pile: clothes, shoes, bags, hats, scarves, jewellery, even ornaments or unwanted gifts.
Step 4 Set some ground rules. This is an important step as it will help you avoid arguments later. We've suggested some below.
Step 5 Get Swishing. Assign somebody to the clothes area to keep an eye on what arrives, to arrange things so that they can be seen, and to make sure nobody starts before they are meant to.
Step 6 When people arrive direct them to the swishing area and ask them to add their clothes.
Step 7 Once people have arrived, explain the rules and the start time. Allow about an hour for people to add their items and to spend some time rifling through the goodies laid out. Swish!After swishing if you are left with unwanted clothes take them to a charity shop. If you are going to serve food and drink make sure it's kept away from the clothes.

Suggested Rules:

-Everybody brings at least one item, but can leave with as many as they like.
-No money is exchanged - all Swishable clothes are free to whoever claims them first.
-If two people want the same garment, then toss a coin.
-Encourage people to try clothes on before they take them home.
-If you are going to serve food and drink make sure it's kept away from the clothes.

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