14 December 2007

Single in London: le pourquoi du comment

I came across that interesting article in The London Paper...
British Men: Stop being so bashful
by Linda Akpobasa.
It’s only in the UK that you find beautiful, intelligent, altogether-lovely girls who are single.
And not just single as in at the transition stage – which I think usually lasts for one to three months –but girls that have been single for yonks!
Even in London – apparently the Land of Opportunity – you find the same epidemic.
The whole thing got me thinking.
I came to the conclusion that it’s the fault of the men. Yep, you men!
British guys are so timid it’s unbelievable.
I’m sure the following has happened to many a lady. You walk onto the Tube and there are loads of eligible single guys sat there. None of them look up from their newspaper/iPod/feet. You sit down.
Your eyes manage to catch the eye of one of them. You catch him looking at you and he quickly looks away, to concentrate on his newspaper/iPod/feet. You catch him again. And again.
Until he reaches his stop and timidly gets off, beating himself up afterwards for not smiling or attempting to talk to you.OK, I know some would say the Tube is no place to chat up ladies (incidentally, why not?) but this happens elsewhere too: at the supermarket, the library, that art gallery.
Everywhere it’s the same trend.
This is probably why a lot of British girls have low self-esteem regarding their looks – because they never get chatted up! Or at least not often enough.
British guys need to learn from other nations.
Look at the Italians, the Eastern Europeans, the Americans. I was once chatted up by this American bloke. I gave him my number and he rang the very next day. He didn’t wait for X amount of days to send a lame text message but actually telephoned me to ask me out for a drink. I was impressed.So I thought I’d use this opportunity to encourage British men to relax. Don’t be so shy! Girls love to be chatted up. Some may pretend to get offended but really they only run to their friends and brag about it. So go on, try it.
Don’t wait until you’re plastered and slurring your words, cause that won’t get you very far.
As soon as you finish reading this column, look up and smile at that lovely girl. Chat to her; ask her for the time.
And if she freaks out and gets off at the next stop, don’t worry – she’s probably not used to it. Yet.

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