02 June 2008

Sex and the City, the movie!

Its sunday, half past midnight, and am rushing to my laptop to write my review about the film...

First of all I met with my "Sex and the City mate" Suzie, my english girl friend, with whom I watched the last serie back in 2004. We went to that gorgeous posh place, the Charlotte street Hotel.

Obviously, I had a Cosmopolitan...

Et même qu'on m'a donné un crayon !

So, the movie: At first I found it was too cheesy, and I was like "come on, spare us the crap! we're no longer 15 years old!"

But all in all I liked the whole film, because soon enough, the (sometimes) harsh reality of real life was here to strike back !

I both burst out laughing (very loudly as you might already know), and cried (once). Samantha was hilarious with her botox exclamation, Carrie and Big were very moving when she smashes her wedding bunch of flowers at his face, an intense scene that was very well interpretated by both.

Also it was full of fashion and dramatic shoes everywhere, enough for you to drop dead head first in your closet, lots of brand names dropping like Louis Vuitton, Viviene Westwood or Manolo Blanik, the usuals...

Finally, am gonna kill you with my conclusion sentence : "Life is not a fairy tale, but after all the up and downs, and as long as there is Love, everyone deserves to be happy"


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