22 October 2009

Janet Street-Porter

Tonight I read in the Evening Standard an article about Janet Street Porter, whose book "Life is f***ing too short" is among some others on my wobbly shelf.

Here are some of my favourite quotations...

"The f***ing government is like the relative we never asked for. It's like your extra auntie or your nanny telling you to eat five fruit and veg,"

(tha hairdresser)"It was very, very, very noisy. A lot of people shouting and people on the phone. People whose highlight of the day is telling the au pair to change the bed."

"Always shag men when you first meet them, because if the sex is shit you don't need to see them again."

"I would think more of Michelle Obama if she went back to work instead of growing f***ing cucumbers. Planting vegetables is all well and good but she can do that in her spare time."

"Once Sarah Brown started Twittering I went right off her. Hasn't that f***ing woman got stuff that's more important to do than tapping on a f***ing keyboard?"

"My friends would not go on Twitter if you shoved a carrot up their *rse. When I get an email from someone saying, would I like to be one of their Facebook Friends, I email them back: 'F*** off.'"

Her new book: Don't Let the B*****ds Get You Down (Quadrille, £12.99)

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